Personal Injury Lawyer Encino

Our personal injury lawyers in Encino have the experience and professionalism you want when dealing with serious legal issues. With over 65 years of experience in the field, we understand what you are looking for and we go above and beyond to make sure that you can win your case and receive the compensation you deserve.  We handle a range of legal practice issues from auto accidents, medical malpractice, work discrimination and more!

Auto accident Lawyer Encino

Car accidents are unfortunately very common in the state of California.  We have one of the worst driving safety rates in the United States. According to the World Population Review, in 2022 alone we have already had 3,563 car-accident related deaths. If you or someone you know have been affected by a car accident, our car accident lawyers in Encino are here to fight for you. We can help you recover any financial compensation related to the crash including medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Personal Injury Attorney Encino

Personal injury cases come in many forms. Some people may not even be aware of the fact that they are eligible for personal injury compensation.  Personal injury refers to injury to the body, mind or emotions, as opposed to an injury to property. In common-law jurisdictions the term is most commonly used to refer to the type of lawsuit in which the person bringing the suit has suffered harm to his or her body or mind. Our personal injury attorneys in Encino understand that two cases involving very similar circumstances can develop in entirely different ways so we work hard to bring attention to your unique case. Whether you’ve experienced an unexpected dog bite, accident due to roadway defects, a motorcycle collision, or any other case that causes any type of personal injury, you can count on us to assist you in getting the compensation you and your family deserve.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Encino

As much as we want to be able to trust our doctors and other medical practitioners, medical malpractice still does occur.  At William Leonard Law, we handle all of the legal and practical issues, so you can focus on recovering from your situation.  Wrongful death or injury caused by the misconduct or negligence of a medical or health professional should not go unpunished. Our medical malpractice lawyers in Encino specialize in all sorts of medical malpractice cases from doctor, hospital, or nurse negligence. If you or someone you know has experienced an unjust situation, we will be your voice. Our personal injury attorneys in Encino will work on your behalf to make sure that your voice is heard. We will use our many years of experience and knowledge to ensure the best results so you can focus on recovering and getting your life back on track.