Personal Injury and Auto Accident Lawyers

Personal injury cases, or what the law calls “tort” cases occur when an individual sustains physical injury or harm due to another’s negligent behavior during an auto accident or a car accident.   In our busy, complex lives, mistakes happen when people are careless or negligent and that can lead to personal injury or auto accidents. Those mistakes often lead to injuries and the negligent party is responsible for payment to compensate for that injury.  Since we cannot physically make a victim whole, money is the next best way to compensate for a personal injury caused by negligence.  This can be from a car accident, or a slip and fall.  It can be from a dog bite or an assault. No matter the cause of the injury, you’re entitled to fair compensation to make you whole. At the Law Offices of William S Leonard, we have experience taking on and winning many cases of personal injury and auto accidents.  

Personal injury cases we have litigated include: